A code of Ethics for Hackers. Grieffing/Reality hacking has served no purpose and left many to doubt the Truth we need to extend the Virtues of old to the Infosphere. These are not mandatory but if you like these concepts then spread them and enforce them on yourself before others.


1. Honor- The first rule should be do no harm. We also know that to cure cancer sometimes you must do surgery.

2. Wisdom- Learn all you can. History to Philosophy no subject should be taboo but remember to use the knowledge for good.

3. Honesty- Clear the Data stream. All ways tell the truth prevent grieffing and reality hacking. These tend to cause people to forget what the truth is or to refuse the data.

4. Respect- Do not steal theft is theft in the material world or in the data stream but if you make it better and give it away then that is art.

5. Benevolence- We are people not statistics. There is no handicap, color, gender, nationality, class, or skill level. We all need to be treated as people a noob is still a person help them out or ignore them don't attack them.

6. Courage- Seek the Truth in all things but beware you may get it.

7. Middle Path- Beware the Hedonist or the Ascetic both may gain enlightenment but rarely do. We must remember we are neither 1 or 0 but both and neither.

Why its necessary The idea of the hacker has changed from one who challenged authority for a noble reason to one who has nothing to do and wish to cause suffering. We must reorganize and rebuild. Those that follow this Superstruct do so as Ronin/Knights and must help those that don't have the skills to protect themselves. Brigands and Pirates are the norm but should they be? -A_Square

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