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  • Bright green environmentalism wikipedia
  • we revere the earth and also believe that technology can help us live on the earth more lightly and healthily
  • "these examples of the increasing prominence given to eco-surveillance are part of a new current within green politics; one which is looking to hitch "bright green" environmentalism to a radical transparency agenda"(outlaw planet update 1)
  • "[B]right green environmentalism is less about the problems and limitations we need to overcome than the “tools, models, and ideas” that already exist for overcoming them. It forgoes the bleakness of protest and dissent for the energizing confidence of constructive solutions."-Ross Robertson
  • "bright green" -- environmentally sensitive, but technologically sophisticated (from ravenous update 1)


  • leapfrogging
  • New Tools
  • Second Superpowers


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  • classrooms
  • clinics
  • church services
  • play groups (RPG, space games)
  • eatiing?

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a) Project Croquet -

b) OpenSim -

c) RealXtend -

d) Sun's Wonderland -

e) VRML/X3D -


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