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Whole Systems Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Ancient Understandings, The Cosmos, The Universe, The Earth From Above, Biosphere, Climate, Weather, Maps, GIS, GPS, Natural History, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Chaos and Complexity, Computation, Anthropology, Mythology, Economics, History, Thinking Tools, Spirituality, Classics

SS# Members Raves Badges Category Name Description
2 12 4 Longbroading Whole Systems The Common Purpose Engine Large-scale problems do not require large-scale solutions. They require small-scale solutions within a large-scale framework.
15 45 24 Open Authorship Whole Systems Open Source Scientists Paid for thinking, not for thoughts
36 8 5 Whole Systems Mathematical Models, Inc. Let us help solve your problems
38 8 15 Mobbability Whole Systems the weatherproject it's not necessarily about the jars...
57 8 4 Mobbability Whole Systems ReDSNet Distributed Computing Network Finding tomorrow's cure... Today.
69 9 9 Longbroading Whole Systems Saving our Heritage 2019 The key to our future lies in our past—save America’s museum collections
75 2 Whole Systems Daedalus Initiative We reap what we sow, wheather good or bad
76 8 2 Whole Systems Museum Survivor Motto: Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival. (W. Edwards Deming)
80 11 2 Whole Systems Don’t let ReDS make you uncultured Visit your Local Museums!
90 1 Whole Systems nzpuppy Think globally, act locally
92 1 2 Whole Systems World Life Coaching UniverCity (VirtualWorldWithoutMoney) ALL FOR GOOD
66 1 2 Whole Systems ConNEXT We are ALL Connected!
98 1 Whole Systems no name Why wait?
105 2 1 Whole Systems BSFBP (big solutions for big problems) Why wait?
112 1 Whole Systems Global Human Management If it interfaces with humans... it needs managed
122 1 Whole Systems Robbiecat What you study grows!
124 2 4 Whole Systems Open Source X Free as in freedom
271 6 5 Longbroading Whole Systems Bastards for a Better Tomorrow You can't make an omelet without killing a few people
152 12 6 Whole Systems Community Currency Global Sense, not Dollars
163 8 2 Whole Systems Geo-Collab Earth is better together
165 6 2 Whole Systems CurEx - International Currency Exchange System Making Money Meaningful
167 1 Whole Systems A World of One Helping to bring the world together for a single cause - Our continued existance
169 2 Whole Systems Sky City Embrace technology Embrace all living things Embrace peace for all of mankind
175 2 Whole Systems ovwe we
179 1 1 Whole Systems Ball Energy Share the weatlh it is abudent
181 2 5 Whole Systems Auspice of Man Reorganizing our social organization is key to saving humanity
184 1 6 Whole Systems The Catholic Church We've Done This Before
195 1 3 Whole Systems One World "Only together, as a species, can we solve what ills us"
200 1 12 Longbroading Whole Systems Cutural Object Recovery Team Saving the past for the present and future
201 7 6 Whole Systems Religimon Embrace the sacrament of survival
202 3 1 Whole Systems gaviotas all
210 1 Whole Systems salmon fortunatus omnopoly not monopoly
215 4 10 Multi-Capitalism Whole Systems Trust Market Making your word a commidity
223 5 1 Whole Systems Open economy First question of design - What's it for?
225 1 Whole Systems zhong yong wu wei
228 1 2 Whole Systems Advocates of Historical Prominence (AHP) "The past dictates the future."
242 1 1 Whole Systems Fast Change Changing faster than the tide
251 1 Whole Systems The New Places Defining who we are by where we are
262 1 Whole Systems R.E.B.E.L- Radicals Eminent Beyond Elevated Leaders Bringing light to those in the dark.
253 1 5 Whole Systems Neo-Bushido Confederation Enlightment before Suffering
279 1 2 Whole Systems THE BLOODY LIBERTARIAN GOSPEL OF GUEMBE Strength, Survival, Darwinism, Guembe is the Messiah
287 4 1 Whole Systems Ancient Knowledge Preserving the past, connecting the present, and safeguarding the future—by conserving, respecting, and sharing the knowledge of the ancients
290 1 1 Whole Systems Celebrate a year of Jubilee a year of emancipation, restoration, and hope of future happiness
293 1 Whole Systems otterinwater "if you push something hard enough, it WILL fall over"
294 1 Whole Systems Object-Oriented Populations Root, Inheritence, Scalibility, Connectedness