This category is an attempt to make the current state of the wiki relatively obvious to people who arrive here and poke around. The category can and should be put on any user pages that start showing up in a place like Special:MostLinkedPages because user pages that show up there represent editors of the wiki who are aware of the deeper "social" features of the wiki and who someone thought was worth paying attention to by linking to their user page.

If you're trying to find "the other editors of this wiki who might object to an edit", this category represents a reasonably good guess as to who they might be. It is probably worth noting that there are two candidates for "de facto editor in cheif" and as of March 2010, one of them was UberFuzzy (who may be a bot run by wikia rather than a person) and the other is User:Hector_Valentine with 78 edits since October 2008 and about 7 links to his user page. If Hector is not interested in the role, then the role is probably not really filled and the wiki might best be characterized as an "orphan".

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