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DCAR - The Refugee State

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DCAR History[edit | edit source]

DCAR, the Democratic Central African Republic (ss link) is a WSLE, a 16 million person quasi-state entity in east central Africa in a contested region where the neighboring countries have largely lost the will to continue fighting but will not allow each other to declare victory. Humanitarian efforts in this disordered area therefore had to provide many basic functions of the State, such as identity services, issuing what amounted to passports, issuing a basic electronic currency and generally trying to keep life going until somebody asserted governance over the area.

Eventually, after four or five years of interim governance using electronic democracy software and biometric cell phones, DCAR has begun to have semi-official quasi-state status. Like Taiwan, it cannot safely assert full sovereignty, but the shell of the previous governments of the region have technically passed their legitimacy to the refugee councils of DCAR, and as long as nobody raises an army, nobody seems to mind self-organizing refugees trying to manage their lives until the governments settle their territorial disputes.

DCAR Economy[edit | edit source]

DCAR has migrated from 100% food aid dependency to a mixed economy of high intensity agriculture, algal turf scrubbers for biodiesel and cattle feed, and some network businesses providing transcription and secretarial services. Schools focus on basic survival training, mainly emergency permaculture and basic medicine, while vocational training falls behind because of pessimism about future economic prospects.

DCAR has a notable export industry - refugee-run hexayurt factories export about 15,000 houses per year to local populations and occasionally government agencies. The majority of the DCAR hexayurt capacity is for internal use, however, as the population continues to upgrade its living arrangements as the region continues to mature into stability.

DCAR Technology[edit | edit source]

the barcode on the DCAR flag is a digital key signature for use with is the biodiesel / animal feed production system I mentioned (the algae tanks)

The democracy software is outlined here: Software for global democracy - half way down the page.

The hexayurt factory might look something like this: (video, short)

Oh, and is the big inflatable grey balls you see in the exit frame - the are inflatable satellite dishes. When deflated, they fit in a duffle bag, and in operation you get broadband - a T1 in fact - to orbit, plenty for phones and video conferencing too.

DCAR Links[edit | edit source] - Supporters of DCAR superstruct - the first DCAR video by Vinay Gupta

Government Relations[edit | edit source]

The US State Department has issued several travel advisories as advised by the CDC to the general area of DCAR, due to the appearance and increase of various pandemics. Among these are XDR-Pneumonia, XDR-TB, MDR-TB, Malaria, and HIV.

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