The superstruct exists to help organize facilitators. Our goal is to search through the superstructs being created, and find ways in which we can connect them to each other. Then we act to put the groups in contact with each other. If two people are working to solve the same problem, we can get them working together. If one person has a problem that someone else has solved, we can make sure they know. Perhaps two structs each have half a good idea, we'll get them together to make the whole one.

A Facilitator is someone who find opportunities to collaborate between other groups, and acts to connect them. Facilitators provide a valuable service in that they spend their time and energy searching for collaboration opportunities. This frees up the collaborators to wpend more time solving problems and less time networking.

Superstructures EngineeringEdit

Connections SuggestionsEdit

Who should be in touch?

Successful ConnectionsEdit

  • Ark: Nas , [Urban Food Producers]] and ConNext are collaborating on localized sustainable food growth.


The Exchange is a tool that aids in facilitation by helping find links between people and rewarding people for helping each other.