Fuel School! is an educational initiative bringing together chemistry students, gardeners and street racers. Teams of students at high schools and secondary schools around the world compete to create the most efficient biofuel from the ground up.

Teams compete by:

  • growing their own fuel source - algae, corn, rapeseed, sugar cane, or whatever local plants might fit the bill
  • refining using whatever methods can be found in their school or community (improvisation is key!)
  • holding refereed street rallies with standardized cars - the only things customized are the paint, the driver and the fuel

Communities benefit by:

  • Educating students in real-world scientific applications (chemistry, agronomy, engineering)
  • Reducing crime by harnessing competitive urges in a constructive way
  • Discovering local fuel sources and streamlining processes for turning plants into usable fuel

What we needEdit

  • Sources for standardized car engines & bodies.
  • Community liaisons to set up legal street races, and bring drivers into schools.
  • Basic information for starting a team: scientific tips for growing and refining biofuels based on what we already know works.
  • Public relations that actually works. The right celebrity spokespeople and media placement can make all the difference.

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