Who We Need

   * Engineers
   * Bioscientists 
   * Agricultural Scientists
   * Hard Working creative people
   * Architects 

Mission After the melting of the Ice Caps and a reduction in land mass under water a under water habitat is needed.

What we can accomplish

Self sustainability from the environment

Exporting of purified water and oxygen to other communities.

How this superstruct works

Recycled glass or plastic can be used to create domes that can isolate the inhabitants from the outside contaminants or water. The idea is that the units will be able to be built on land that would later be covered by water or built directly under water. By having this dual functionality communities can be built in areas where there may be heavy tidal movement or even in area\'s where the air is impure and may need filtering beforehand. the living quarters could be smaller domes all joined together to a larger area's where work and play take place.

Other projects that will be able to tie into this are agricultural programs where producing food in on a more local scale. The Bubbles would also take care of some quarantine problems by filtering the air and even placing imports in quarantine firstly. The locally produced food would also then be produced without these external worries. If an infestation did take hold those affected could be isolated until a solution is brought in.

Soil for production would be a concern needing to be addressed.

Water is readily available through desalination plants. this will provide work for people as well as water for not only the community but also for other communities that may have found other ways of living in the hostile environment.

Oxygen can also be got from the separation of the water. Hydrogen would also be a useful fuel that could be used together with solar energy to produce energy requirements of the community. The by-product of this fuel would also be water although more research would be needed into this field as I'm unaware of the full scale needed for something like this.

Other superstructures we are collaborating with International Agricultural Production and Education Foundation