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How do I track raves?Edit

Log your raves here in this format:

  • link to superstruct pageview; Title
    • Add 1 to total raves
    • Why did you rave it?

Check whether this pageview has been raved. If so, see point 2 and append your reason.
Let's do it fast and dirty for now. Someone can clean it up when there is a mass of data.

Rave TrackerEdit

Get started here.

  • Gaming the system
    • 1
    • I raved this superstruct because I have been holding private discussions for several days with various people to accomplish something similar. Antisocial Hermit stole a march on me. user:Hector Valentine
  • Super-infra-struct
    • 1
    • I raved this because the superstruct folks do not really have a complaint department for the interface, and having a central spot to list various problems and tweak the powers that be is a good thing - Antisocial Hermit
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