Space Based Solar Power is the solution to the Energy Implosion. In 2019, it is still in its early development, however laboratory testing and Phase 2 validation have proven it. It is now a race to scale it up, in time to meet the current and looming disasters.

Put simply, SBSP is the concept of building enormous solar panels out in space, collecting clean, green, limitless energy, and then using radio waves to send the power - cheaply - to anywhere on the planet. While we are in the prototype phase now, we can quickly ramp up production and provide low-cost energy to 'Defeat the Tyranny of Darkness". Because if you don't have energy, you don't have advanced education, medicine, telecommunications, (democracy?), refrigeration/food storage. In short, if you don't have energy, you are powerless.

Please read the SBSP EXECUTIVE SUMMARY that was developed by the US Department of Defense in 2007. This is the study that started one of mankind's last great hopes.

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