General InfoEdit


Drop your seedsEdit


Spread “green” awareness through the participants' cities.
A participant chooses some places in the city, and then drop packets containing seeds at the chosen spot.


The packets are made of grocery paper, or recycled paper.
Instructions on what to do with the seeds, and why the seeds were dropped are or inside the packets, on a xerox, or printed on the outside of the packet.
The amount of seeds packed should be enough to grow at least 4 plants.


Preferrably low-maintenance edible vegetables.

Comment--we need to feed our spirits, too! Flower seeds are important. They nourish the soul while beans nourish the body. Or go for seeds that do double duty. Nasturtiums and voilets are pretty, and edible too.

Time SpanEdit

The action should take no longer than 3 days on the field, and it will happen simultaneously worldwide.

Action FeedbackEdit

A site will be setup to track who picked up the packets and what they will do with the packets, and this will be achieved by giving away unique IDs on the packets.
The person who accesses the site will be asked to enter the ID of the packet that has been picked up, and will enter some info to assess the success of the campaign.

Sign up as a Varietal GuardianEdit

Each individual variety is a valuable source of genetic diversity. Survival of a variety cannot be left to chance. We need volunteers to sign up as "guardians" of a given variety, ensuring that it is planted in sufficient quantity each year to ensure a seed stock for the next; making sure there are backup plantings in other areas in case of localized crop failure; protecting varieties from cross-pollination if necessary.

List of Guardians (it would be great if someone can set up a better online format for indexing this):

      Elizabeth Merritt: Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter Tomato; Cherokee Trail of Tears bean; Rat-tailed Radish; Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber.