The Superstruct Alliance Network Edit

A framework for Superstructures to unite and collaborate towards a common goal. Some superstructures are very similar in intent; the Alliance provides a base for those Superstructures to collaborate in a positive and constructive way. The Alliance is a high-level system (a constellation) of Superstructures, workings towards avoid duplication of work and consolidation of the groundwork for long-term, large-network of SuperDuper Structures.

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Alliances so far:

The Connective Network Alliance

Providing the tools and infrastructure for SEHI and Superstruct connectivity
The Alliance | Reconstruct | Blogstruct | The New World Report

The Movers of Physical Things Alliance

Knowledge on how to move physical things from A to B
The weatherproject | The New Pony Express | Share your Seeds | Nomadic Markup Language

The Museum of Quantum Parallax Alliance

Spreading good will with a dash of surreality
The Museum of Impossible Things | Quantum Connections | Parallax Communities

The Government Enterprise Alliance Creating a new governmental structure Govt, Inc | Rook Parliament | CheapID