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US Senator Palin - Jan 2019

History[edit | edit source]

One term Senator Palin brought this bill to the 125th Session of the US Congress in 2015. After the McCain-Palin ticket lost the 2008 Presidential Election, Palin formed the Morality PAC. In a speech before Congress she said:

"There can be no doubt, that we want our kids to grow up in a safe and decent world. The liberal media has allowed horrible things to be broadcast on TV and are inflicting continuing damage on our kids. Our country was founded on Christian ideals, and God governs our lives. People that are against God, are against America. The Morality Act will give the hockey mom's of the greatest country of the world, America, safety and assurance that their kids will grow old in a moral world."

The Morality Act was passed by Congress and signed by The President. Only effective for six months, before the US Supreme Court blocked the act in the decision Sascha Cohen v United States with a unanimous decision. Chief Justice Roberts wrote:

"This Act is an offense to all that we know and hold sacred, the Constitution was imbued with the clear concept that a governments ability to impinge on the individual is limited and rightly so."

Under the auspices of the Morality Act, several offices were established in the CIA, NSA, NRO, FBI and local law enforcement agencies. To the surprise and gratitude of many, all of the intelligence agencies rejected the Act on principle alone. Mailings and commercials also issued a message stating that Americans should call and report on Morality Act violations.

The commercials and mailings carried the message "1-866-445-6580. BE A PATRIOT- BE AN INFORMER!"

The number was instantly targeted by various griefing groups and within in a month had been shutdown. Due to the tenacity of WikiLeaks, the ACLU and other watchdog groups, the phone number is now owned by the EFF and is kept for posterity. In a rare show of support the NRA filed an amicus brief supporting the actions of the EFF and ACLU.

Creative Concept[edit | edit source]

The creative concept for the US Bureau of Morality came from [ Nine Inch Nails] - Year Zero ARG created by Trent Reznor with art direction and additional assistance from Rob Sheridan.

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