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from wikipedia New Industrial Revolution

Biomimicry refers to the mimicry of natural systems of production and recycle that are found in nature. Translated to a dynamic system, biomimicry does the following:[1]

  1. Considers waste as a resource
  2. Diversifies and cooperates to fully use the habitat
  3. Gathers and uses energy efficiently
  4. Optimizes rather than maximizes
  5. Uses materials sparingly
  6. Doesn't foul our nest
  7. Doesn't draw down resources
  8. Remains in balance with biosphere
  9. Runs on information
  10. Shops locally

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We landed in the future years ago.

The secret is time for tea.

The hive mind is my habitat. My clients are children trapped in the brothel system. My goal is to deliver them educational materials and literacy tools.

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Valuing the Environment (founder)

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shelter+health+ water+education+energy+ transportation=FOOD

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Evergreen Solar is one of the only solar panel companies that is not owned by a big oil corporation.The String Ribbon technique Evergreen uses to fabricate their panels consumes half as much silicon as conventional processes.

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  • mrjudkins:We're heading into the final part of the Superstruct Game, but you can still become a part of the community and contribute! This video outlines how you can participate by envisaging who and where you might be in 2019. :
  • fleep513:Screaming 3D Bootstrapper Fleep Tuque reports from the Chilbo Community Garden about efforts in the metaverse to address the Raveous Superthreat.:

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Plan of action NAME:Bright Green (May differ from the name of the Superstruct)

One line description of Plan: (This is the PLAN subtitle)

Summary: (please keep it to one paragraph)


Problem: scattering of like minded people all devoted to finding technological and open source solutions to global problems implementing an environmentally sustainable core structure. Bringing together a large number of diverse and scattered movents and thinkers who all share similar devotion to bright green solutions. Showing and illuminating existing common ground. Promoting cradle to cradle, Open Source, New Industrial Revolution, and other existing large scale global implementations of bright green. Promoting the original bright green thinkers particularly Jamais Cascio and Alex Steffen.

(Please specify the problem this plan addresses in one paragraph)

Superthreat/s it addresses:

Ravenous, Quarantine, power struggle, outlaw planet, generation exile

Other threats it addresses:

environmental degradation, habitat restoration, diversity preservation.

If this PLAN was to be implemented by a Ministry or Government Department, which would it be?

(Finance / Foreign affairs / Defence / Information / Interior / Education/ Environment / Health / Justice / Culture / Agriculture / Transport / Commerce / Energy / Revenue / Public works / ... etc)


Solution Plan Summary: CReate a communication flow about the need for systems that adress primar y issues of human density and bioregional conditions rather than the fractured counter-productive cognitive schema of " Urban vs Rural vs Suburban". Create a larger view of a plan of action that is inclusive of unrecognized populations such as people living in marginal conditions.

(Please explain what the plan of action is)

bring the market and the social issues back into the discussion about environmental issues. Help to verbalize a cohesive "land point" for the tremendous sea change especially in terms of quality of life issues.

Short-term Summary:

(Please explain how the plan would be implemented in the beginning. One paragraph only.)

Phase I: Starting from scratch (what are the resources needed? What is the first thing that needs to be done? What infrastructure needs to be in place?)

Phase II: Consolidation (How do you know you have achieved implementing the Plan? How do you quantify it? How long would it take for it to be implemented?)

Phase III: Maintenance (Once it is all in place, how do you maintain it?)

Phase IV: Expansion (How do you grow from here?)


Whistleblowers / Supervising bodies: Who would be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the PLAN? Who would supervise the supervisors? How?

Compatibility with other PLANS: Does this PLAN help or complement other plans? Do other PLANS help or complement this one? Are there other PLANS which directly contradict this plan?

Compatibility with other SUPERSTRUCTS: As above, but in reference to Superstructs.

Annex:appropedia, buckminster fuller challenge, cradle to cradle, MIT, IFTF,

Any useful information such as links, bibliography, websites, references, materials, etc.

Credits: Main PLAN contact (SEHI)rtgarden2019 Superstructs involved SEHIs involved

Anyone else who helped out.

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