Introduction Edit

"We are as gods and might as well get good at it. So far remotely done power and glory -- as via government, big business, formal education, church -- have succeeded to the point where gross defects obscure actual gains. In response to this dilemma and to these gains, a realm of intimate, personal power is developing -- the power of individuals to conduct their own education, find their own inspiration, shape their own environment, and share the adventure with whoever is interested. Tools that aid this process are sought and promoted by The Whole Earth Catalog." -- Stewart Brand, The Whole Earth Catalog, 1968

This page is dedicated to organizing superstructures as if they were appearing in The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

Whole Systems Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Ancient Understandings, The Cosmos, The Universe, The Earth From Above, Biosphere, Climate, Weather, Maps, GIS, GPS, Natural History, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Chaos and Complexity, Computation, Anthropology, Mythology, Economics, History, Thinking Tools, Spirituality, Classics

The Common Purpose Engine - Large-scale problems do not require large-scale solutions. They require small-scale solutions within a large-scale framework.

Open Source Scientists - Paid for thinking, not for thoughts

Mathematical Models, Inc. - Let us help solve your problems

the weatherproject - it's not necessarily about the jars...

ReDSNet Distributed Computing Network - Finding tomorrow's cure... Today.

Saving our Heritage 2019 - The key to our future lies in our past—save America’s museum collections

Daedalus Initiative - We reap what we sow, wheather good or bad

Museum Survivor - Motto: Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival. (W. Edwards Deming)

Don’t let ReDS make you uncultured- Visit your Local Museums!

nzpuppy - Think globally, act locally

World Life Coaching UniverCity (VirtualWorldWithoutMoney) - ALL FOR GOOD

ConNEXT - We are ALL Connected!

Why wait?

BSFBP (big solutions for big problems) - Why wait?

Global Human Management - If it interfaces with humans... it needs managed

Robbiecat - What you study grows!

Open Source X - Free as in freedom

Bastards for a Better Tomorrow - You can't make an omelet without killing a few people

Community Currency - Global Sense, not Dollars

Geo-Collab - Earth is better together

CurEx - International Currency Exchange System - Making Money Meaningful

A World of One - Helping to bring the world together for a single cause - Our continued existance

Sky City - Embrace technology Embrace all living things Embrace peace for all of mankind

ovwe - we

Ball Energy - Share the weatlh it is abudent

Auspice of Man - Reorganizing our social organization is key to saving humanity

The Catholic Church - We've Done This Before

One World - "Only together, as a species, can we solve what ills us"

Cutural Object Recovery Team - Saving the past for the present and future

Religimon - Embrace the sacrament of survival

gaviotas - all

salmon fortunatus - omnopoly not monopoly

Trust Market - Making your word a commidity

Open economy - First question of design - What's it for?

zhong yong - wu wei

Advocates of Historical Prominence (AHP) - "The past dictates the future."

Fast Change - Changing faster than the tide

The New Places - Defining who we are by where we are

R.E.B.E.L- Radicals Eminent Beyond Elevated Leaders - Bringing light to those in the dark.

Neo-Bushido Confederation - Enlightment before Suffering

THE BLOODY LIBERTARIAN GOSPEL OF GUEMBE - Strength, Survival, Darwinism, Guembe is the Messiah

Ancient Knowledge - Preserving the past, connecting the present, and safeguarding the future—by conserving, respecting, and sharing the knowledge of the ancients

Celebrate a year of Jubilee - a year of emancipation, restoration, and hope of future happiness

otterinwater - "if you push something hard enough, it WILL fall over"

Object-Oriented Populations - Root, Inheritence, Scalibility, Connectedness

Apocalypse Cultwatch - We're Not Ready to Go.

Eric Nicholson - "It's not what's grand that's inspiring... it's the inspiration that's grand!"

Valuing the Environment - where the Ecosystem and the Market System intersect

Economists for Peace - from armies to engineers, economists, and community development professionals

Institute for A Future - Working together to keep our future going

Beyond Economics - We can't survive if corporations control the distribution of food and resources

Mobilizing Airilions ~ real-eyez~zing our wealth - We Afford, confer, give forth, furnish, supply... real-eyez-zing wealth

Positive Social Impact Corporations - Companies making a better world

Association of Global Geographers - Mapping the path of the past to the present helps us glance into tomorrow

eightbar - innovation nation

Complementarism - Learn to Surf the Threat Cascade

Foundation of Hope - Every mission needs a foundation

The Potlatch Economy - Give Until it Feels Good

Oh no, not again! - Let's leapfrog

Globes and Grass-roots - To grapple constructively with incommensurate positions on how change happens

UIET - Universal Individual Empowerment Technology - Peace Prosperity Sustainability Diversity Tolerance Adventure

The Rational Response - Reality, Logic, Intelligence, Future

Worldwide Immune System for Humanity - If we were dumber we couldn't threaten our survival and if we're smart enough we can avoid it.

What you Study Grows! - Energy goes where the attention flows!

Speculative Culturesmithing - "We can rebuild that culture for you wholesale"

The Dewey Decimal Human Organic Taxonomy Project - Celebrating our differences, one digit at a time

Solarflare Stargazer - Power to all people

Stop Being in the Wrong Place - The transit problem becomes a stasis problem

Catalog of Feedback Failures - How to make better decisions

Loving Flora - Let's love Nature together

Biodiversity Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Evolution, Genetics, Species, Biomes

PAEC - The Protection of the Amazonical Environment Command

Keep the story going - OpenAuthorship at its best!

erik! - half a be must surely be an entity

Sustainability Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Ethics, Population Management, Regenerative Economics, Hunger, Cultural Survival, Biological Conservation, Restoration, Indigenous Peoples, Agriculture, Permaculture, Plant Knowledge, Biotechnology, Ecoactivism, Waste

The Unplugged - We Stand Together On Our Own Two Feets

OpenEden - Free as in freedom, free as in beer... and other crop products

Operation Good Earth - Reclaiming Earth, Acre by Acre, Hectare by Hectare

Leaders' Forum - No One Eats By Their Own Efforts

ARK:NSA - No Starving Artist (All Human Beings Are Artists)

CRADLE 2 CRADLE - remaking the way we make things, so that in the end our WASTE = FOOD - The joint start of multiple Superstructures to achieve the Next industrial revolution (NIR) through the concept of Cradle 2 Cradle (C2C) BLOG - WIKI

Soylent Green - The 21st century circle of life

Food diversity - Protecting food diversity is the ONLY way to protect food supply

Excess Food into Alcohol to stabalize local markets - Food today, Fuel tomorrow

Vedic Ecology - Protect the cow and the bull for prosperity

The Open Source Seed - Free Technology for a Free People

Food for the People - We won't feed you, but we will teach you to feed you.

Clean Air Council - Everyone has the right to breathe clean air

The International Agricultural Production and Education Foundation - Crafting Large Agricultural Networks Creates Eating Year-round

Free Food Free school! Grow a row for yourself and your neighbours

Sustainable Living Services - Independence is can be your lifestyle

The Hexayurt Project - Free Shelter, Agriculture and Infrastructure Technologies - We've Got You Covered

Own gardens - Grow your own food eat your own food

Africa Community Gardens Project - Bringing together local and international expertise for food security in Africa

Geneticly Modified Products and their negative outcome

Solar For Soy - Old uses for the fertile land. New uses for the infertile

Natural Angels Land Trust - Are you going to use that land?

Seeds ATM - Withdraw seeds packets for free

Worms for a More Nutritious Future - A worm bin in every household, healthier food on every table

ECO-MEAL - Energy means Food

Emergency Permaculture - Kits that contain everything a refugee needs to start a sustainable garden

Home Brewing Knowledge Base - Keeping beer alive - even after the apocalypse

Service and Responsibility Council - Leadership through action and cooperation

Haven - Communal living, communal growing, communal survival

Victory Garden Support Organization - Food through gardening

Protein Mapping Network - Got Roadkill?

Bee Preservation Society - Creating and maintaining artificial bee habitats

Artificial Pollination Resource Network - Providing assistance for food production in areas with few bees

Food Webbies - Modeling the global food web from the bottom up

A Market in the Marshes - Augmented Landscapes: The positive interface of earth-engineering

Sustainable Regional Design - it's pretty self explanatory

The Decline of Oil-Based Farming - Michael Pollan for President

Food Innovation Network for Everyone (FINE) - Fine Food for Everyone

Repurposing the Suburbia lawn into ecofriendly communities - Regreening=collaborative survival

Your Local Cookbook - Facilitate enjoyable diets by aggregating local food inputs with potential

Farm Hacks - sharing of tip & tricks & ideas for farming and feeding the world starting at home

Save Ganga - Ganga Bachao, Sanskriti Bachao (Save the Ganges, Save the Culture)

The Living City - Cherish the Differences

Home Grown - This is where we live

The Global Water Initiative - Preserving and sharing the world's water resources

Terraforming Earth - Greening the planet using technologies developed for space

Northwest Mycological Network - Saving the world with fungi. B.E.A.M focus - Biofuel, Environment, Agriculture, Medical

Community Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Community Spirit, Consensus, Eliminating Racism, Immigration, Community Gardening, Salons and Study Circles, Local Politics, Urban Planning, Disaster, Economic Cooperation, Privacy, Housing, Homelessness, Green Cities

The Rooftop Cultivation Association: Feeding ourselves, one apartment block at a time.

Livefeed - The omnivore’s dilemma. Solved.

Gypsy Farms - Plant where you stand

Quarantine-Literally - There is a bold, out of the way, stupid and pointless way to fix things, and a simple way. Which will work?

Life Network Centers - alternate locations, permanent connections

Community Models - Live better....together....naked?

Urban Food Producers' Coop - Share what you have

Community Works Program - Big Structures From Small Ones

Rename your neighborhood - We change anything we want to, why not our neighborhood's name?

Year of Plenty - Finding ways to share the excess in our (still fortunate) lives

SERAA - South East Resilience Action Area (US disaster relief) - We got you covered

Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) - Bringing communities together to share knowledge and celebrate the lives available to us now, while working to Repair The World

Rooftop to Kitchen - The sky is no longer the limit

What's stopping us...other than you

OpenID - Open Sourced Biometric Identification Technology for Everyone!

Places Worth Caring About - Sustainable Citycraft toward energy efficiency

BunkerCorp - Form your own Bunker

SoCal - Unite! - "None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone. " - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trustnet - trust, but verify

Open Homes - One Meal at a Time, One Bed at a Time

The Exchange II - If your belly is full, pay the rest forward

The Food Bank - You have extra food, we have extra needs

Mr Franklin's Folks - The farmers' market is a community education platform

BlackOut - No rock unturned

LifeLiners - For Everyone from Anyone

Pink Dragons - Change ourselves and change the world

Zombie Squad - If you are prepared for the undead, you are prepared for anything

AGRICOLOGIES - enclosed superbuildings. You never need leave - It started with compounds and malls. Now they are creating spaceships on earth

New Life - Everyone is welcome

Gaians - Bold Revolt!

Smart Communities - Providing the necessary change now

Assembly12 - Making casual social contact safe again -- 12 bodies at a time

Association of Condo Home Owner Associations - From Survival to Thrivival

Connecting the disconnected - Working to include everyone on the net so the flow of ideas reaches everyone

Self-sustainable Interconnected Communities - Self-subsisting communities reaching across the globe to help each other

Project ARK - the last line of defense against extinction - To rebuild from the ashes you need something to rebuild with

Distributed Society - Because cooperation leads to success

Migrant Community Hub Project - Designing and building structures to enable easy set up of migrant cities/villages.

pan human sustainability projects - destroy the illusion of urban/suburban/rural

Think fast. Slow Down. - reintroducing regular days of fast

Robin Hood Initiative - Taking from the rich to give to the poor

Household Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Finding A Home, Architecture, Home-Energy Efficiency, Building, Renovation, Materials, Hardware, Tools, Yard, Safe and Secure, Water Supply and Wastewater Management, Green Consumerism, Gardening, Landscaping, Pest Management

Share your seeds - If you plant, you share!

GardenGateway - How to keep Urban gardens safe from poaching and bio-piracy.

Terraformers - Go Back And Make It Work

Who Turned the Lights Out? Powering Museums - Energy is eternal delight (William Blake)

Power generation in every neighborhood - Roofspace is power space!

Regenerative Energy Systems - RES makes easy work without waste! Learn how to turn your old hybrid into a regenerative energy system

EmergentNRG - From simple actions emerge energy efficient households and communities

H2O Bubble - Keeping the Tide at Bay

Homestead-In-A-Box - For when you really, Really want to live by yourself

Night Soil Collection Service - If you give a shit, we'll take your shit

Subtractive Architecture - Less is More

NutriLoop - Don't waste your waste

Agraria - Take the SUV to the farm

Anaerobic Activists - Turning a waste into a resource

Health Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: First Aid, Self-Help, Mind-Body Help, Self-Care, Nutrition, Disability, Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Hospice

MedEx - Live Well On The Move

Public Health Information - Peace of mind through education and awareness

Global Healthcare Alliance - Bringing high-quality healthcare all over the world

Supercell - Transmit health

Distributed Medical Network - Help the people in your community when they need help the most

Find your well-being in crisis - You largely constructed your depression. It wasn't given to you. Therefore, you can deconstruct it. - Albert Ellis

Movement of people in a pandemic - Quaranteen that works

Center of Diseases Diagnosis and Prevention (CDD) - Today's Innovations, Tomorrow's Cures

Dark Optimism - To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing

P2P MC - Peer to Peer Medical Care

Panreligious assosiation for purity of body and soul - Cleanliness is next to godliness

Revital - Restoring the health and fitness of nonprofit executives

Community Health Associations - Taking care of ourselves

Supply Health and Relief to Erase Disease (SHRED)

SHRED (Supply Health and Relief to Erase Disease) - Giving the world a breath of fresh air

Distributed Health Care - Everyone's a healer

Continued Care for Chronic Illness - Meeting the needs of the chronically ill during the ReDS crisis

The New Modesty - Changing fashion and customs to prevent the spread of ReDS

SOS - together.....

ReDS Information Network

World Health Organization: Mental Health Services for Survivors - Act now to save lives

Limber Warriors - Strength and Discipline through Inner Peace

Blood Haul - Give a pint; Save the world.

Community Public Health Outreach - Working Today for a Safer Healthier Tommarow


AnimalHelp - Animals helping people helping Animals

Ireland Isolation - United against ReDs

Family Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Parenting, Spirituality, Storytelling, Adolescence, Media Literacy

Wildstyle Heraldry - The family that sprays together, stays together

Giving Children A Culture - Can migrant/refugee children be given means in which to create their own cultural identity?

Extended Family - Straddling the global/local divide

angryninja - do or die

ReDS Adoption Network - Rapidly finding loving homes for ReDS orphans worldwide

Ambient Parenthood Network - No Child Left Alone

The secret resource for all - Helping you know what you are too afraid to ask

The Farm Foster Family Plan - Farms Foster Hope for the Future

The Global Village - a third place for refugee women - it takes a village to raise the world

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement - May We Live Long and Die Out

Technology Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Philosophy of Technology, Appropriate Technology, Technology and Culture, Technology and Society, Design, Nanotechnology, AI, Virtual Reality, Garage Robotics, Street Tech

0+1 Infrastructure Reclamation - Reclaim, Reuse, Reverse (Overseeing the fluidization of our communication infrastructure)

ad hoc connectivity - If no network can be trusted, then every network can be trusted

Audi Alteram Partem - Before condemning those who torture us, let us first hear what they have to say

Australian Solarthermal Powerdome - Empowering Australians

Hacker Social Collaboration Forum

The Technological Security Initiative - Quis separabit?

Transcend The Crisis - Hollowed out computers make good planters for food

SERS - Solar Energy Retrieving System - The energy is out there. Just collect it!

FabHabs - If you build it, they will come

Good Grief! Maintaining Public Trust in Online Content -You can fool too many of the people too much of the time. (James Thurber)

MobiFab (Social Fabbing) - Fabbing and not Grabbing (free fabrication for deprived areas)

Space Based Solar Power - Clean, Green, Limitless Energy - "Energy Crisis - SOLVED!"

Technological Innovation

Bionic Energy - Energy for everybody

Worldwide Orbital Routing Metanetwork System - Networking you can depend on!

RFID Security - "Building A Digitally Secure Tomarrow"

Alternative to firewall - Network security - Why block when you can allow?

Human power enabled smart grid - If you can't kill-a-watt then what's the use?

Portable Avatars

Comuntiy basics - Getting by with as little as possible

Obiquitous Solar and Wind - Adding one square meter of solar cell means one step away from extinction

Sun For Power (SP) - All life depends on the sun

Using What We Need - Building more, doesn't always help more

Power Sharing - Own your own bit of a solar farm

New Lamps For Old - Unchain the power genie. Bottle the drift

Rational Rationing - "Spending Energy Wisely"

The ANT Project (Wireless internet for our future) - We dont need your Media-cation

Portable Energy - Produce your own Power

Affiliation - Secure Affiliation Servers make interactions practical, secure, and private

N-use - Engineering Triple Dippers for today's technologies

wanglabs - Unlimited energy

Open Source Watermark - Creating a gold standard for Open Source research

The Biometrically Encrypted Transactional Artifact (BETA) Initiative - Restoring faith in the financial

Resiliant Global Supply Networks - When you really really gotta have it now!

Reality Tagging Project - Inventory Everything

Photosynthe-Size Me - Go green. Literally.

Water filtration - keep it clean

Wetware Development - We take Moore's Law personally

Bright Green - Bright Green Tech, education, and community meals

Open Fab Initiative - Moving the World Beyond Traditional Manufacturing

Advanced intra-city transportation System

tidal electricity generators - "a new wave"

Communications Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Language, Writing, Poetry, Publishing, Comics, Media, Music, Audio, Video, TV, Radio, Reporting, Virtual Communities, Visual Communication, Graphics, Performance, The Internet

Palisade - Retrofitting a news ecology under siege

Positive Influence - Don't just "help" us. HEAR us.

Slow News Networks - Do it local, do it right.

Greenblip - An Organic Co-Op Zone

ReDS Media Network - Action, Not Fear

Collecting the Future - How can we document and preserve the stories and artifacts of the crisis?

Rumor Control Centers - Truth, get your boots on!

Managing the Message - Manage the message by any means necessary

Seeing ReDS - Contemporary art for a changing world

Louder Than Words - The devil may care, and in 23 years we'll find that out for sure

Verification Rating System (VRS) - Just the facts

lazystruct - Bootstrapping the superstructure 140 characters at a time

Super-infra-struct - Recursively improving Superstruct for more, faster, bigger, better

Displaced Citizens In Motion - "Strength In Knowledge"

Esperanto 2.0 - One world. One language

K-Yin - Call and I will hear

Facilitators - Actively connecting Superstruct to Superstruct

Sanskrit (spoken, written and coded) - Language of the Gods

GEAS Volunteers Coordination Europe - What's the picture in Europe regarding ReDS, conflict, economy, solutions, etc. GEAS volunteers Europe

GEAS Volunteers Coordination Africa - What's the picture in Africa regarding ReDS, conflict, economy, solutions, etc. GEAS volunteers Africa

GEAS Volunteers Coordination Asia - What's the picture in Asia regarding ReDS, conflict, economy, solutions, etc. GEAS volunteers Asia

GEAS Volunteers Coordination North-America - What's the picture in North-America regarding ReDS, conflict, economy, solutions, etc. GEAS volunteers North-America

GEAS Volunteers Coordination South-America - What's the picture inSouth-America regarding ReDS, conflict, economy, solutions, etc. GEAS volunteers South-America

GEAS Volunteers Coordination Australia - What's the picture in Australia regarding ReDS, conflict, economy, solutions, etc. GEAS volunteers Australia

GEAS Volunteers Coordination Antarctica / Greenland - What's the picture in Antarctica regarding ReDS, conflict, economy, solutions, etc. GEAS volunteers Antarctica

GEAS Volunteers Coordination Oceans - What's the picture in International Waters regarding ReDS, conflict, economy, solutions, etc. GEAS marine volunteers

The 2019-2042 Visualization Project - Uniting Superstruct Efforts Through Collaborative Visualization

Media mix 2.0 - We bootstrap new kinds of differences between past and future

New Audiences in a Changing World - Condense some daily experience into a glowing symbol, and an audience is electrified. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Massive Mission Operations Survey Team (MMOST) - Think big or stay home

French militants for a better world / Militants français pour un monde meilleur - Think "global" - act "local" / Pensez globalement - Agissez localement

Nomadic Markup Language (Nochalking)

Open Source Security - Making common sense public domain

Superstruct Classifieds - Who needs what?

IRC Chat - real time communication - live chat

One-a-day Introductions - Like vitamins. It's good for you

The Polymath Project - Enlighten. Elucidate. Evolve.

global though city - bringing the world closer togather

True Understanding - Only through effective communication will we survive

The Switcher - 'Cayse every network needs one

AnimalSpeakers - We speak for the animals

StructNet - How meta can you get?

Project ITA - Ideas Through Art

Multilingual Bootleg Comics Cooperative - Communication is the grease in the bearings of society: improving it will keep us from overheating

UNITED VIEW AND COLLABORATION PROPOSAL - Let's create the "essence" - in progress

The “Just Might Work” Show - That's crazy, but it just might work!

Kill your Television! - How many useful thinking hours are consumed by your television hobby?

ReDSNet Gallery

SAVIs - Supremely Annoying Villanous Individuals

SEHI Shout-out - Who's been Helpful and why

The Complaint Department - Turning griefs into hacks

Gaming the system - Every system has rules

Seeing the Forest, Not Just the Trees - Help, I can't see the forest for the trees! Visualizing the structure of our Superstructures will help us "win the game"

Stop Superstructing For A Minute - See if someone else is doing what you want to do

Organizing Ideas with Reddit - Share and rate stories, discussions, and structs

The Power Company - With great power comes great collaboration

BlogStruct - All The Superstruct Blogs All in One Place

Analog Superthreat Warning System - They can hack the network, but they can't tear down every flyer

Open-Source SuperStruct - Streamlining access to SuperStruct content

Greenblip As Central Hub - a blog is a hybrid joker

Meme Machine - If we build it, they will THINK!

Anime Anonymous - anime anime anime

Core and SuperCore SEHIs - Core SEHI established. What's next?

Outposts of One - Together we are no longer alone - Holding ourselves countable.

The Whole Earth Superstruct Catalog - access to tools, ideas, and superstructs

SuperSearch (Superstruct Search)

Improving by Improv - Increasing knowledge one chuckle at a time

The Buzz - Creating buzz for your superstructure by serving all of your multimedia, advertising, and production needs!

Forecast Outreach Team - Explaining and interpreting forecasts to prevent panic and dispair

Positive Thinking - "Life in all forms is worth living."

Celebrity gamemaster callout - Tim, Jimmy, Warren, Chris, Bruce, Tara, Ze and Tim...we know you're out there

The ideas market - Linking people to plans

positive mentalitally initiative - think positive, act positive, be positive

XTV - By any platform necessary

Trans-Generlational - Bridging Generation Gaps...One meme at a time.

p2p Badges - Peer to Peer Badges - Honorary Awards Between SEHIs

Ripped from the headlines - Telling stories of what's going on in the world

Crosscheckers - Verifying that good ideas actually are.

Outer Columbus Collective Information Center - Link up

The Venn MotherStruct - Visualizing the growth and organization of SuperStructs

Well Wishes For Jarrett Wold - Wishing Jarrett a Speedy Recovery from His Surgery

Us - focussed and working together

Mission Makers - Creating Targeted, Specific, Effective Missions for Superstructures

WoSO (World Superstruct Organization) - No one can be given absolute power

Superstruct Wiki:Expansion - Because we need to discuss

Raving Lunatics! - We give you positive feedback!

SHR: Superstructing with a Hint of Rosetta - Involving a broader English-speaking community in Superstructing

Everyday Heroes - Everyday people saving the world

Migrant Lore Database - Wisdom from the Wandering Tribe

Green Tags - My green thumb isn't spray paint

Superstruct TV - Dealing with superthreats one show at a time


The New World Report - The sum of all solutions in a single cohesive document.

Pyramid Media Dynamic - Using the media to shape the minds of the general public against Superthreats

Werd - Word-of-mouth activism for better understanding & preparedness

Reconstruct - Building a Better Superstruct Interface - A functional, full featured Superstruct network!

aTTituDE - think local Act Global

SUPERSTRUCT*db - A user friendly way to see the forest and the trees!

E.A.T. - Evolve - Act - Triumph! - Online Virtual IdeaFeasting

Political Tools Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Grassroots Organizing, Electoral Politics, Democracy, Electronic Democracy, Campaigns, The Political Spectrum, Law, Rights, Resistance, Crossing Borders

The Refugee State: Support the Democratic Central African Republic (DCAR) Abroad! - In DCAR, refugees have found their freedom. They need our help to keep it.

New World Order - We Are The Future Of Society, We are A Reformed Goverment Of The People, By The People, For The People

United States ReDS Central Command - Early Detection. Rapid Response.

RefugeBook - A social networking site for refugees

Diversity-As-Community - Be yourself, be free, be diverse, be creative, and be open-minded

Rook Parliament - Making the absentee ballot an everyday experience

Little Brothers - Little Brother's Watching Your Back

Relocation Facilitation Organization (RFO) - Distributed Support Structure for Mobile Masses

ANON was only the beginning - An organization using dispersed anonymous, decentralized legal attacks to topple corrupt systems

Capitalism with Representation - Mega-companies must be held accountable!

CECA - Central European Countries Alliance - Restoration of the cooperation between former V4 (Visegard Group) countries

United States Union - America, only now with more room to breathe, more

BRIC Studies - Gathering data about the BRIC

International Peace Report - "Everyone's watching."

Polycentric Law - Law is going DIY, baby!

United Registration Service (URS) - Keeping track in changing times

Las Vegas:Pinata - Let's bust it open!

Hegemenon - Peace, Protection and Prosperity

Water Law - Protection of Water forms central basis for Legal / Politcal Systems

The Whistleblowers - To keep those in authority accountable for their actions

Quantum Governance - Ziggy says there's a 73% chance we can save the world...

G.U.N. (Green United Nations) - "Shooting for a sustainable future

SSAfricaUnite - opening our borders for a better world

Global Council on Statesmanship - Effective Change through Bold Leadership

The Society for Creative Breaking of Shit - Strategic griefing of the unacceptable.

corupted power - corupted power is power corupted

Goverment to Unify our Growing Estrangement - Focus on your Core - outsource the rest

Government, Inc. - Better services for discerning citizens

American Expansion in to North and South America - Might Makes Right!

Planet Earth Alliance (PEA) - Saving planet earth and leading into a new era

Livelihood Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Money, Simple Living, Jobs, Working, Investing and Credit, Small Business, Managing and Marketing, Understanding Corporations, Corporate Change, Industrial Ecology

Nomadic Techno Employment Co-operative - Coniunctis Viribus, "With Connected Strength"

Cash-cropping, moving money from Glamour to Green. - Can Oligarchs and millionairs switch from Sportsteams to Sanctuaries?

The Heldstone Alliance - Transparency in all things

Who’s Paying the Bills? Museum Economics in 2019 - Motto: Nonprofit is a tax status, not a business model

All Hands on Deck: where will workers and volunteers come from? - If a country can't save itself through the volunteer service of its own free people, then I say: Let the damned thing go down the drain! (Robert Heinlein)

World of Starcraft ReDS Drive - Gamers unite to make the world better!

The Exchange - Creating new gift economies through social networking

Aleph Ami Consulting - Innovation through better organizational communication!

Besom - Connecting those who have with those who need

wikinomics - more weath by grouping

Small Traders Network - Keep It Real

JobStruct - Organizing skills into employment opportunities

Monopolies and Mergers Commission - "Merge to serve"

MetaStructure - You see the watch, we'll help you imagine the cogs.

Enlightened (Self-Interest) Capital - Harnessing greed to help save humanity

Village to Village - Reconnecting through the threats

Distributed Workforce Network - Turning Your Big Company Into Many Small Ones

Resiliant Global Supply Networks - When you really really gotta have it now!

Sewa for Women - Help rural migrant women help themselves

Air+ - monitoring ReDS evolution through wind movements, with the help of people

Worker Isolationism - Be alone, be well!

Postapocalyptic Freecycle - One man's trash is another man's treasure

Online as the new Production Line - To return our projected attention to online collectivity activities such as this as ultimate superthreats

Nomadics Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Travel, Supplies, Road Life, Automobiles, Bicycles, Boats, Outdoor Survival Skills, Outdoor Activities and Sports, Flying, Climbing

ped.alic.ious - Bicycles solve problems.

Tsunamipants Un-Ltd. - Join the surval-hacking in this organization

Rocket To Beyond - "When the world dies....if it dies....we dont"

The New Pony Express - Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will stop us from developing a new postal system

Humanity Space Assets Creation - Ad Astra!!!

Aether Runners - Through Space we save the Earth

ReWilders - THe end of civilization is not the end of Humanity

Walk in My Shoes - Everyone needs to experience being a minority

Alexander - Peace, Protection, and Prosperity

Personal Rapid Transit - Where do you want to go today?

outer space colonization - hey if we have more than one why upgrade this one?

Geocaching: 2019 - I swear! I left it right there!

Frm Castles To Cowboys - Stay Brutal

Living a High-Tech Nomadic Life in a Harsh Environment - Water Online

The New Pony Express Mail Relay Experiment - Sending packages by SEHI in real time

Fellow Traveler Database - Getting Together Wherever We Are

the runners - we run because we have to

Farm Golf - Don't land in the tomatoes

BEACON - hope for all

Bike Lots - You purchase where you can park

The Promised Land - Permanent Nomad City in the Utah Desert - Let's get together on Novemebr 12, 2019

The Esoteric Pony Express - shop and swap until you drop!

Learning Edit

This category includes superstructures that pertain to: Education, Homeschooling, Toys, Games, Play, Consciousness, Meditation, Dreamwork, Death

Gamedemic! - Play more, stay home, stay healthy.

Science and Design Trading Card Games - Gotta Learn Them All! (... ok ... provisional :-)

Youth Action Research Network - Think big. Start Small. Scale Fast

Speak up, refugees! - Let's teach the refugees how to communicate using their new languages

Appleseed - Agricultural game / data-warehouse

Pastwatch - From the Past lies our guilt ... and redemption as well

Connection-Structures for normades! - Water gives life, what do you give?

Fuel School! - Racing into the future!

A.'.A.'.A.'. - Awaken, Adapt, Accelerate

Learning Quest - Learn as You Play

Terra Perma - Sustainable Food Production; Planned Through Play

DEN (the Distributed Educational Network) - It takes a village to raise a child. It takes the world to educate a new generation

Open Source Teachers - Teaching students to teach themselves

Biofrec - Biofuel Research Cell

Transformational Training - A New Future Requires a New You. BLOG WIKI

Grow Community Gardens--Teach Children Sustainable Lifestyles - Urban Communities Need Local Food Too!

EDUCYCLE - Changing the world one student at a time!

EDUCYCLE-KingsCountyNS - Changing the World one Student at a Time!

MODE - Migrate Onto Digital Existence - Humans who wish to consider a migration to a digital existence as a solution to our global problems

Young Farmer's Outreach

Teaching Anywhere and Everywhere - To share intelligent knowledge to eachother in order to create a higher order society

microeducation think tank - learning how to learn

Potential Futures for a Better Tomorrow - "Play upon the basic instincts of man to build a better species"

Community Access Educational Service Centers - You Can Teach, We Can Help

Superthreat School - Educating the Future

The Screaming 3D Bootstrappers (S3DBers) - Immersively connecting remote problem solvers with people facing local problems.

Bank of Common Knowledge - Share Your Skill! Get New Skills!

21st Century Wonder Tales - OLD STORIES FOR NEW THREATS

Future Heroes - "Prepared in Body, Mind, and Society."

Egghead learning - Teaching the populace what they need to know about complex technology

Augmented University - Reality optimized for learning

My Urban Homestead - Massively single-player gardening

Turning Education Inside-Out - Evolving the Mind of Mankind, the Species Mind

Post-Ironic University - Truth?!